Dive into a world where art-making is a playful portal into powerful personal discovery, transformation, and inner freedom.

Learn to tune into the wisdom that's already inside you, waiting to be revealed, and begin to change your life from the inside out ‚Äď one piece of art at a time. (And have fun doing it!)

Does any of this describe you?
  • You want to reconnect with your creativity¬†in a fun, no-pressure way
  • You feel¬†stuck, overwhelmed, messy, scared, tired, self-critical, unprepared, uncertain, or lost
  • You don't know where to start with making art
  • You want to learn to trust and value yourself more
  • You want to find¬†a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space¬†where you can explore your creativity and¬†learn about yourself
  • You want more play, joy, and peace in your life
  • You want to live more authentically and true to yourself
  • Long to find a community of like-minded creative¬†souls who just get you, without you having to explain yourself

You're in the right place!

Whether you're an experienced artist or a curious beginner ‚Äď you'll discover the¬†incredible impact art-making can have on your well-being in this course. You'll learn how to make art-making a habit ‚Äď something you look forward to and that fills you up! ‚Ästand a place to go for¬†internal guidance, support, and answers¬†whenever you need it.¬†Even if you've never considered yourself an artist!

Unleashed is designed for YOU, exactly as you are. All you need is a curious mind, an open heart, and some basic art supplies. 

Art-making is the vehicle. Personal discovery and transformation are the destination.

Unleashed is a gift to yourself. The discussions, prompts, art-making, and self check-ins will lift you up and help you to process whatever is going on in your life.
‚Äď Nicki H

There were so many things that resonated with me and so nice to learn that "No... I'm not the only one who thinks/feels this way." I love how you are so authentic and willing to be vulnerable with your thoughts. Thank you so much for this! It helped me in ways you can't even imagine.
‚Äď Susan M

Unleashed has been life saving for my creative spirit. You are gems and I'm glad I found this class.
‚Äď Meg A

Learn to tune into yourself and let magic pour through you

What is the Unleashed course experience?

Unleashed is a 6-week highly interactive online course experience.¬†It's you + me live on Zoom ‚Äď making art, getting real, and going deep.

The most important thing that you need to know about Unleashed is that you 100% don't need to be an artist to be here.

Everyone is creative. Have you ever been in a room full of 5 year olds? It's alllll creativity, intuition, and freedom. That's still alive inside of you (yes, YOU!), and it's waiting to be remembered and enjoyed!

Each luscious week includes:

  • 2 LIVE art-making sessions¬†‚Ästwe¬†meet on Zoom to make art together based around guided prompts + exercises
  • An exploration into a specific art medium ‚Ästpaint, drawing, collage, and mixed media
  • Conversation + exploration on a¬†juicy weekly theme/topic
  • An¬†art-making demo video¬†centered on that week's art medium + theme
  • Fun exercises and activities¬†to help you tune into the most authentic and free version of yourself
  • Guided prompts¬†for your art-making exploration + personal journaling throughout the week
  • Reading recommendations + other useful resources
  • Connection with kindred creative spirits¬†in our private¬†safe, supportive, online community group¬†of like-minded, creative people ‚Äď friends, accountability partners,¬†people who just¬†get¬†you

At the end of these 6 weeks you'll feel different. You'll:

  • Know how to¬†access your intuition¬†and how to use art as a powerful portal through which to process and express your authentic truth and your feelings/experiences.¬†
  • Have¬†a simple, fun, and¬†life-giving art-making practice¬†that you can use as a tool for personal discovery, clarity, and grounding ‚Ästa place you can turn to for internal guidance and answers¬†whenever you need it.
  • Have¬†improved (or ignited!) your art-making skills
  • Trust yourself and your own inherent wisdom more
  • Find yourself being¬†kinder to yourself and¬†doubting yourself less, and feeling¬†happier,¬†more
    hopeful, and less alone
  • Know how to¬†tap into what‚Äôs already inside of you ‚Ästwhat‚Äôs been there all along and is just waiting to be unleashed

And the best part is that you¬†won't be doing¬†any of this alone ‚Äď we‚Äôll do it together!

No matter where you are on your journey, your soul will find its home here.

This was an excellent new-to-me concept that I didn‚Äôt know was missing from my life.¬†Jessica is so kind and honest and open and provides lots of encouragement. I felt it was very therapeutic and allowed me to be creative in a way I hadn‚Äôt previously thought of.¬†‚Äď Melanie K

Are you ready to take creative action in your own life?

This course is an invitation into your deepest self. It's an invitation to:

  • Dive inward, to get curious, and to be raw, real, and vulnerable
  • Build a sustainable, life-giving, intuitive art-making habit
  • Make a commitment to yourself. And keep it.
  • Uplevel your self and your life
  • Face what feels¬†stuck and¬†difficult
  • Savor what feels joyful and beautiful
  • Shed and transform old beliefs, stories, and habits that are holding you back
  • Acknowledge and accept the reality of your life as it happens each day
  • Show up for yourself, because you deserve it

Every day that you choose to sit down quietly with yourself to listen for what's there for you in the moment will strengthen your ability to hear what your inner voice has to say, which will ultimately guide you down your own unique life path.

As you practice, your relationship with your intuition and with yourself will deepen, soften, and expand. And as you expand on the inside, your life will change.  

I appreciated how Jessica Swift brought her real-life experience of healing from a deep loss to an accessible and encouraging practice for daily art creation. I went to creative places I wouldn't have without her instruction, and I improved my skills in getting creativity out of my head and onto the page. Thank you!¬†‚Äď Michele M

In this course you will:

  • Give yourself permission
  • Play
  • Grow
  • Give space to the parts of¬†yourself that you don‚Äôt allow out anymore, and the parts that you tell¬†yourself¬†you don‚Äôt have time for
  • Make creativity and self-discovery a top priority. Even when it feels uncomfortable, irresponsible, scary, and laden with guilt. (Those are the times you just might experience the biggest breakthroughs for yourself, by the way.)

During these 6 weeks you’ll begin to see yourself in a new light. You’ll begin to see what’s possible for you, and to discern your own limiting beliefs. And you’ll begin to write new stories and more empowering beliefs for yourself.


Hi, I'm Jess!


I'm your guide here. I'm a painter, surface pattern + fabric designer, author, and mama in Portland, Oregon. 

I make art because it helps me process my inner world, and I feel better when I do. And I know in my bones it can do the same for you. 

Life has been a wild ride for me. And art-making has been my trusty compass the whole time, since my husband died in 2018. Making art was a lifeline in navigating my way through those dark + difficult days as a new widow and solo parent of a toddler and newborn (now they're 8 and 5!), and it still is today.

And you know what lights my fire? It's helping folks like YOU tap into their wise inner selves and dive into their own transformative creative experiences. Together, I truly believe we can unlock the door to your next level and unleash your true potential by joining the forces of your intuition and your creativity!

‚ÄúPractice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what‚Äôs inside you, to make your soul grow.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Kurt Vonnegut


Becky Hershey,
live session co-host

Hi, I'm Becky! I'm thrilled and deeply honored that Jess invited me to join all of you on this powerful journey that is Unleashed.

I said yes to this opportunity because I believe deeply in the expansive power of both art and community, as well as Jess’s innate talent and skill as guide and mentor.

I'm a painter and mark maker who found my way home to art as my life’s purpose in 2017 after fifteen wild and intense years as an educator and mental health professional. I currently reside in a little slice of heaven outside of Philadelphia with my 3 humans & 3 cats.

Making art and engaging with a daily creative practice has been and continues to be a lifeline for me as I ride the waves of life. Prioritizing time to get creative every day has allowed me to find clarity, navigate a more authentic and compassionate path forward, and build a deeper trust of my inner voice.

I’m here to encourage you to build confidence and trust in yourself, explore your inner knowing, and engage with art in a way that brings insight, healing, and freedom to both your inner and outer worlds.


Jessica provides wonderful insight into cutting the noise from outside yourself so you can tune into your own messages! It is very open, so you can bring your own experiences, concerns, fears, dreams, thoughts to the class.
‚Äď Dawn W

I feel I have grown so much in my confidence and in letting art flow through me however it wants to instead of me trying to make"perfect art". This course was just what I needed. Thank you!

The live sessions kept me accountable. I loved being part of the community and learning from others. Initially, I was intimidated by others' work, but by the middle of the course I became more inspired by others.
‚Äď Sue M

Creativity deserves to be a priority in your life.
YOU deserve to be a priority in your life.

What if:

  • You give yourself permission to do what lights you up
  • You don't have to know what you're doing or how it's all going to work out
  • You don't have to know how to make art
  • You decide you matter
  • You feel messy, unsure, and exhausted, but decided to be¬†brave and show up for yourself anyway
  • You try something new
  • Today is the day you decide to say YES to yourself

What will your life look like this time next year?
Next month? Next week? Tomorrow?


Unleashed¬†helped me: 1) to be less critical of my art, 2) to release some of my perfectionism, 3) to start finding my own style, 4) to build confidence in myself, 5) initially, I often didn't have "answers" to the prompts.¬†I think because I was afraid my answer wouldn't be "right" or "good enough". By the end of the course, I started to "hear" and not squash answers to the prompts.¬†‚Äď Susan M


Each week is centered around a specific art-making medium and juicy conversation topic to explore, on your own and with the group.

We'll meet LIVE every Monday and every Thursday to make art together using guided prompts and visualizations.
There will be plenty of rich, deep conversation and sharing, too!

All live sessions will be at 10am PST/1pm EST and will last approximately 2 hours.

All live sessions will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience.


We play with a variety of art materials throughout the course. Each week is centered around a different medium, which you're welcome and encouraged to use and explore!

That said, the course is easily adaptable to whatever materials you'd like to use! You don't have to switch mediums each week, you can skip materials that you don't want to use..... you get to make your own rules.

Your supplies do not have to be fancy or extravagant. Use what you have around the house already, or buy new supplies ‚Äď it's up to you!

Here are some suggested supplies for each medium. (You don't need all of these! Feel free to pick, choose, and skip things.)


  • Magazines
  • Any other paper (books, newspaper, ephemera, gift wrap, etc)
  • Glue stick (or other glue)
  • Scissors


  • Sketchbook or any kind of paper
  • Markers (any variety)
  • Pens (black or colored)
  • Colored pencils
  • Pencil
  • Posca paint pens


  • Canvases (any size; small is great)
  • Wooden panels¬†(any size; small is great)
  • Paper (watercolor, sketchbook, etc)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Acryla gouache or other gouache
  • Watercolor
  • Posca paint pens
  • Brushes (any size that's appropriate for the surfaces you're using)
  • Palette (a piece of glass works nicely, or freezer paper is a lovely and inexpensive option)¬†


  • Canvases (any size; small is great)
  • Wooden panels¬†(any size; small is great)
  • Paper (watercolor, sketchbook, etc)
  • Paint (any kind)
  • Posca paint pens
  • Markers, pens, and pencils
  • Paper ephemera
  • Found objects
  • Anything else you want! (glitter, sequins, lace, fabric, leaves... the sky's the limit)


  • iPad Pro
  • Apple pencil
  • Procreate app
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Wacom tablet



 Inner Focus:


Outer Focus: COLLAGE

Inner Focus:


Outer Focus: DRAWING

Inner Focus:


Outer Focus: PAINTING

Inner Focus:


Outer Focus: MIXED MEDIA

Inner Focus:



Inner Focus:


Unleashed begins May 6, 2024.

Here's what we'll be doing inside each week!
(Click the + to expand and read all about it)


I think we all have wobbly times, times when you need reassurance, and it's not always easy to get that from the outside, so learning to do it for yourself, through being creative has to be a good thing - being able to look after your own inner wellness.¬†‚Äď Jacqui M

I found this process so beneficial, a subtle transformation that may lead to big change. I would recommend the class to anyone interested in creative self-expression and that ongoing journey to understand and connect with ourselves and our innate wisdom deep inside, where it can get buried under so much chaos and noise. And negativity. As Jessica pointed out, it is a gift you give yourself to learn to know yourself better (I'm paraphrasing). Totally worth it!¬†‚Äď Taylor A


"It's not about being good at creativity. It's about creativity being good for you."
‚Äď James McCrae

Making art is not a frivolous thing. It's vitally important to your health and well-being.

It's scientifically proven that your brain chemistry changes when you're making art! Arts experiences are being prescribed in cutting edge medical settings as part of holistic treatments to help alleviate and heal pain, depression, anxiety, and more.

An art-making practice can be a way to access your deepest self and hidden truths, and it can be a radically effective tool for self-care. Making art on a regular basis will teach you about your inner world, it can help you learn to stay calm, to trust yourself, and to source your guidance from within rather than from outside yourself. Art can help you heal.

Finding you and Unleashed have been exactly what I've needed. It has put me in a place that has been so creative, fun, and light! Just what I needed after all this loss.¬†‚Äď Lynne P

Is UNLEASHED for you?

If you sometimes feel:

  • Self-critical
  • Unworthy
  • Stuck
  • Disconnected
  • In a transition period
  • Afraid
  • Anxious
  • Overwhelmed / Stressed
  • Alone
  • Not sure where to start
  • Like your needs don‚Äôt matter¬†
  • Lost
  • Sad / Disappointed¬†
  • Like you‚Äôre not good enough
  • Depleted

And you want to feel more:

  • Accepting
  • Connected
  • Free
  • Creative¬†
  • Seen + Understood
  • Courageous
  • Peaceful
  • Empowered
  • Energized
  • Proactive
  • Supported
  • Authentic
  • Joyful
  • Confident
  • Renewed

You belong here.


Call yourself forward.
Choose YOU. Uplevel your life.
Now is the perfect moment to begin
tuning into the whisperings of your intuition.

Enrollment is now closed for 2024.

Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when the doors are open!



PAY IN FULL (best value)

‚Äď 6 modules over 6 weeks

‚Äď 12 LIVE art-making sessions

‚Äď Weekly art-making demo videos

‚Äď Access to the private community group

‚Äď Printable guided art-making prompts

‚Äď LIVE conversations with special guests

‚Äď Weekly activities and exercises to¬†grow your skills

* 7-day money back guarantee!




‚Äď 6 modules over 6 weeks

‚Äď 12 LIVE art-making sessions

‚Äď Weekly art-making demo videos

‚Äď Access to the private community group

‚Äď Printable guided art-making prompts

‚Äď LIVE conversations with special guests

‚Äď Weekly activities and exercises to¬†grow your skills

* 7-day money back guarantee!




‚Äď 6 modules over 6 weeks

‚Äď 12 LIVE art-making sessions

‚Äď Weekly art-making demo videos

‚Äď Access to the private community group

‚Äď Printable guided art-making prompts

‚Äď LIVE conversations with special guests

‚Äď Weekly activities and exercises to¬†grow your skills

* 7-day money back guarantee!

Take a chance. Be brave. You won't regret it.¬†‚Äď Marcie N

‚ėÖ¬†How long have you spent denying yourself what you want or need?

‚ėÖ How long have you wanted to reconnect with your creativity?

‚ėÖ¬†How long have you done things the way someone else said you should?

‚ėÖ¬†How long have you been playing small?¬†Felt stuck?¬†Been unkind to yourself?¬†Wanted more freedom, play, and joy?¬†Felt like there's something more for you?

‚ėÖ¬†What¬†does a future of ignoring your soul's longings look like?

‚ėÖ¬†How long can you afford to hold yourself back?



This course has given me more confidence to start trusting myself again.¬†‚Äď Jacqui M¬†


I'm Jessica Swift


Come join me on this fun and playful journey of personal discovery through art-making. I can't wait to see what unfolds for you, on the inside and out!