Hi, I'm Jess!

Artist | Fabric + Surface Pattern Designer | Author | Online Teacher | Mama

I‚Äôm on a mission to help people¬†feel better through art. Whether it‚Äôs¬†taking a class¬†with me and making art together (so fun!), reading¬†my books¬†and using my¬†oracle decks, putting my¬†art prints¬†on your wall, sewing with¬†my fabric, or¬†licensing¬†my artwork, I want to add some hope, color, and creativity to your world ‚ÄĒ to help you feel a little bit brighter and a little bit less alone.

I'm so glad you're here!

Life can be messy. Sometimes it's beautiful, occasionally it's heartbreaking, and usually it's just straight-up wacky and complex. Making personal + meaningful art can help you process it all and smooths out the rough edges. It helps you remember who you really are underneath it all. Even if you're not an artist! (Yes, really!)

You start to:

  • Notice more beauty, even when things feel like they're a mess.
  • Doubt yourself less and¬†trust yourself more.
  • Give yourself permission
  • See the real you, and you let her out. And, you like her!
  • Live the life you're¬†truly¬†meant to live, bit by bit.

I want that for you. YOU want that for you. Come with me and we'll do it together!



This 17-page guide will show you the incredible impact art-making can have on your well-being. Dive into the world of Art For Self-Care and learn how to begin your own practice with ease (even if you've never considered yourself an artist!).



A monthly online creative community

You'll love being a part of our magical community! Here's why:

  • Your skill level doesn't matter here¬†(You don't¬†even have to be an artist at all ‚Äď promise!)
  • Live art-making sessions every month and the vibrant¬†community and accountability that comes with it
  • Dive deep into your inner world, strengthen your intuition, and discover the magic of creative exploration
  • Let your creativity run¬†free as you practice your skills and experiment with¬†different prompts and techniques
  • Give yourself permission to play and make art without boundaries

Sound exciting? Then the Inner Magic Art Club is for YOU!


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