Life can be messy. Sometimes it's beautiful, occasionally it's heartbreaking, and usually it's just straight-up wacky and complex.
Making personal + meaningful art helps you process it all and smooths out the rough edges. It helps you remember who you really are underneath it all. 

You start to:

  • Notice more beauty, even when things feel like they're a mess.
  • Doubt yourself less and trust yourself more.
  • Understand that you matter, just like everyone else.
  • See the real you, and you let her out. And, you like her!
  • Live the life you're truly meant to live, bit by bit.

I want that for you. YOU want that for you. Let me show you the way!

Giving feels GOOD.
And giving someone a handmade gift.... well, that's even better. Come join me in this online class to make art and create a beautiful gift + a personal wish or message for an important person in your life! 
(And psssst... that important person could be your very own sweet self!)

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