$27.00 USD or more


14 Days of Messages To Yourself

Ready to transform the way you make art?

Ready to get to know yourself and how to navigate your inner world better?

What you'll get:

  • Instant access to 22 video lessons
  • 14 prompts to get you started practicing the techniques (including a downloadable PDF list of all the prompts)
  • downloadable Feelings Tracker PDF

What you'll learn:

  • How to tune in to your own inner voice 
  • How to receive a message from your inner voice meant just for you, and how to turn that into personal, powerful, meaningful art
  • A gentle, fun, no-pressure creative practice to deepen your relationship with your inner self

Tools you'll need:

  • a curious mind
  • any art supplies you feel called to use (this is covered in the beginning videos)

    You don't need anything fancy for this class. Heck, you don't even have to be an artist! A pen and paper will do, or you can use markers, paint, colored pencils, a digital drawing tablet, anything!

What Students Are Saying:

I really enjoyed Jessica's guidance and teaching. Her examples from her own life were profound and impactful. I found this process so beneficial, a subtle transformation that may lead to big change. I would recommend the class to anyone interested in creative self-expression and that ongoing journey to understand and connect with ourselves and our innate wisdom deep inside, where it can get buried under so much chaos and noise. And negativity. As Jessica pointed out, it is a gift you give yourself to learn to know yourself better (I'm paraphrasing). Totally worth it!


This class is amazing! I struggle to follow through on things that I know will better myself, but this class was different. Jessica Swift is so engaging and encouraging. She felt like my own accountability partner! I didn’t want to miss a day and let her down. Take this class. It is so therapeutic, even on the days you feel like you’re not up to it. I don’t consider myself an artist, but the things I was able to create when I knew it was “just for me” I ended up really enjoying! Anyone can benefit from this class!


Jessica provides wonderful insight into cutting the noise from outside yourself so you can tune into your own messages! It is very open, so you can bring your own experiences, concerns, fears, dreams, thoughts to the class - I have really enjoyed it!


I appreciated how Jessica Swift brought her real-life experience of healing from a deep loss to an accessible and encouraging practice for daily art creation. I went to creative places I wouldn't have without her instruction, and I improved my skills in getting creativity out of my head and on to the page. Thank you!


This was an excellent new-to-me concept that I didn’t know it was missing from my life. The instructor is so kind and honest and open and provided lots of encouragement. I felt it was very therapeutic and allowed me to be creative in a way I hadn’t previously thought of. I looked forward to doing this every night before bed.


I have loved every second of this class. I work really long hours so I haven’t been great keeping up every day but it’s truly the thing I look forward to most every evening. This class has worked along with my therapist in dealing with some 25 year old trauma. It’s truly been a blessing. I would love to do another daily challenge like this one.