Craft a Gift With Heart + Meaning

with Jessica Swift


Giving feels GOOD.
And giving someone a handmade gift.... well, that's even better. Come join me in this online class to make art and create a beautiful gift + a personal wish or message for an important person in your life! 
(And psssst... that important person could be your very own sweet self!)

Day 1

Choose your symbols + choose your person

Day 2

Choose your materials + begin

Day 3

Art-making + questions to consider

Day 4

Write your message + finish your artwork

Day 5

Share your story + wrap your gift

It's the season of giving + gratitude! 

Handmade + heartfelt gifts matter. In this FREE course, you'll create a unique piece of art with a personal message or wish for someone important in your life. You'll feel good giving, and they'll feel good receiving. Win win.

You can start class whenever you'd like –
come make art with me!

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Hi, I'm Jess!

I make art because I feel better when I do. One of my biggest goals – through the things I make and the classes I teach – is to help you help yourself feel better, too.

I'm so glad you're here!